R&D and quality

As a specialized manufacturer of water heaters, Thermex Сorporation has created its own scientific laboratories and engineering offices. All activities on study, development and implementation of innovative technologies are carried out there.

The result of semicentenary researches is associated with a number of unique technologies developed and patented by Thermex Corporation.

  • Thermex quality is guaranteed as follows:
  • Quality control at each technological stage of production;
  • Scientific laboratory and operation environment research laboratory;
  • High-tech research and experimental equipment;
  • Computer diagnostics of product quality;
  • Long-term research programs.

Thermex Corporation systemic task is associated with development and production of competitive products with high energy efficiency performance. The goal worked upon by the corporation engineers is to produce products reducing customers’ expenses for home comfort coming with hot water. The desire to improve the quality of its customers’ life with simultaneous reduction of their utility costs is the main idea of Thermex products.

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