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Senior officials of the Government and the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region, the Tosno area, management group of VTB Bank and Bank Saint-Petersburg, representatives of business and science, foreign partners and the corporation employees attended the event.

After the tour of the factory, Chairman of Thermex Board of Directors Valery Gavrilyuk and Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Leningrad Region – Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity Dmitry Yalov launched symbolically the third stage.

“I am pleased to launch a new modern production facility in the current difficult economic conditions. The investment of the existing companies is a vivid example of how in difficult situations the entrepreneurs realize their plans, work extensively on the Russian market “, – said Dmitry Yalov.

Investments in construction of the third stage are estimated at 1.8 billion roubles, the total volume of investments in the construction of the entire factory is 5 billion roubles. The total production area has increased by one third and is now 60 000 m². The turnout will increase from 1.4 million to 2 million pieces of water heaters per year. The automation degree of technological processes is more than 90%. Thanks to the more modern equipment the production rate has increased almost twice – every 15 seconds a new water heater comes off the assembly line. Today it is the largest factory in terms of water heaters production output in Russia and one of the most advanced ones in the world. The leading European experts including those from Italy participated in designing and construction of production lines. The project was implemented with the support of VTB Group, Bank Saint-Petersburg and with the assistance of regional authorities

“The new workshop provides at least 100-150 additional vacancies” – said General Director of Heating Equipment factory Alexander Isupov. – “There are four shifts at our factory and it operates seven days a week, without stopping for holidays. In January we will debug a new workshop and in February it will be a one shift workshop, in April there will be already three shifts”.

Alexander Isupov also emphasized that the third line was built within the record time: “The factory was built less than within one year and we already have test samples”.

The new facilities will not only increase the output volume, but also significantly expand the range of products. The innovative water heating equipment with high energy-saving performance will be produced on the third line. This will increase the market share by replacing imported products with domestic ones. A considerable part of production will be exported.

In cooperation with the Government of the Leningrad Region Thermex Corporation also offers the project on creation of the cluster of industrial enterprises for production of a wide range of heating equipment in the framework of Tosno industrial park in the territory of the Tosno area.

“We hope that Thermex as a company with a worldwide reputation will attract residents to the territory of the industrial park”, – said Dmitry Yalov.


Thermex Corporation is a major international trade and industrial holding company and a leader on the market of water heating equipment in Russia. The Corporation’s products are exported to more than 70 countries. The company staff currently is more than 2,000 people.

Thermex Corporation includes 27 enterprises with 104 branches and representative offices in Russia, CIS and far abroad. Business units of the Corporation are engaged in manufacture, sales, logistics and service of heating and water heating equipment, namely: electric water heaters, electric convector heaters, gas-fired boilers, gas water heaters, heating radiators, industrial boilers and accessories for the heating and water heating equipment.

The Heating Equipment Factory located in the city of Tosno in the Leningrad Region, is the main production site of Thermex Corporation in Russia. The first stage of the factory started in 2007, the second stage was constructed in 2010.

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