Technologies and innovation

Austenitic Stainless steel
Special high quality non-magnetic stainless steel includes a number of alloy additives that keep the steel protected from negative exposure of aggressive environment, high pressure and temperature. Austenitic stainless steel unlike ferritic steel does not rust even in unfriendly conditions. «ASTN+» best stainless steel for water heaters.

Unique anti-bacterial coating
Special Bio-Glasslined coating of inner tank perfectly resists thermal and hydraulic shocks, prevents appearance of micro cracks on the tank surface. Unique Bio-Glasslined coating provides outstanding antibacterial effect, which allows keeping water clean and fresh. Bio-Glasslined Antibacterial Coating – guaranteed fresh water.

Double Tank construction
Double Tank is a revolutionary new construction that allows creating water heaters of flat shapes. Physical characteristics of Double Tank construction prevents from hydraulic shocks and temperature fluctuations. Double Tank construction – flat design of durable water heater.

Unique welding technology
G.5 is special technology for stainless steel welding using electronic beam in vacuum field, which allows preserving the structure of stainless steel around the joints. Comparing to the regular argon-arc welding, the joints after G.5 technology remain resistant to corrosion and the inner tank of the water heater remains durable for long time. G.5 welding technology – guarantee for durability of non-rusting water heater.

Technology of oxygen free coating application
Oxygen Free system is an exclusive technology of Bio-Glasslined coating application in the inert gas medium. Special technology prevents intrusion of air during the coating application process, which allows creation of the highly solid and corrosion resistant surface. Oxygen Free System – reliable water heater for a long time.

SILVERHEAT – silver heating element
SILVERHEAT technology is a totally new approach which provides antibacterial protection and additional protective layer from corrosion. Every time the heating element is on, silver ions fight bacteria and provide healthy water. Silver heating element is protected from calcium build-up and therefore has less wear and tear. Besides it doesn’t consume the anode and thus increases lifetime of water heater. Longer water heater operation without maintenance means less money spent. SILVERHEAT – IT IS BETTED TO LIVE HEALTHY AND WEALTHY!

Ultrasound control of coating application
Ultra Sonic Test is a high-tech system of controlling the quality of inner tank coating. Intensive electronic scanning test detects any minor defect on the surface of inner tank. Ultra Sonic Test – 100% quality surface.

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